March 25, 2017

I don't get why time is not our friend and how we think our life is one amazing race against men. How we see our families bloom into dried flowers and the rain wash away their powers, what's life if you're clinging to a shadow unsure of when you'll mourn for their tomorrow time has never been my friend. I'm resistant to it's rules never wanting to follow like all the other fools I need freedom and no stamps to my arrival my heart can only handle so much without feeling suicidal, i hope for the sun and all its metaphors to brighten my abyss and for me to grasp I have no control over any of this. Time may not be my friend but I will learn to move alongside its rhythm so I can be in sync and move with precision, I will win in the end if I let my ego lose and remain aware of the life I truly want to choose. 

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