October 14, 2013

You told me your confession, and as much as I wanted to scoop you up into my arms to tell you this mistake didn’t define you,
as the light I once saw flicker in your eyes dim… I couldn’t. I sat there still as my fingers grasped the steering wheel tight,
trying to imagine what brought you to this place that sent you into such an unrecognizable path. I knew the events leading up
to your seemingly premeditated decision but I still couldn’t come to terms with the fact that you could go through with this.
How the seconds leading up to it didn’t bewilder your mind enough to stop you. And I look over at your wild long hair brushing
in the wind as I speed off into a winding road, wishing I could rewind time to when pure was still a word in your vocabulary,
and I could be there for you the way you so badly wanted me to.

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